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ISO 9001 Certificates

Certified integrator (EN54-16)

IT Services and Networking

Make your IT infrastructure more efficient. Our solutions will help you achieve this goal.
We provide IT solutions for all needs – starting with SmallBusiness solutions up to high avialable redundant server solutions.

IT Network Management

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High Availability Networks and Customer Specific Network Concepts
High availability of network resources is important these days. We build networks providing high availability and transparency. Our know-how in network analysis and network protocols (ex: TCP/IP,appletalk) is used to ensure production security.

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Network Security Concepts, Firewalls etc.
Local Area networks, server and attached workstations need special security attention. We develop concepts to protect your network and establish secure connections via the internet connecting your headquarter with your branch offices.

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IT Support - Your Personal IT Service

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VoIP Technologie

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