Sittig Industrie-
Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

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65931 Frankfurt

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ISO 9001 Certificates

Certified integrator (EN54-16)

Digital Voice and Data Communication

Regardless of which area of voice and data communication you are looking at- Sittig Industrie-Electronics always provides complete solutions, customised to your special needs. Our services include consulting, design, research & developing, installation, initial operation, maintenance and standby services. Our solutions are individually integratet in existing systems and independent from the operating system. We only work with the existing international recognised standards and are ISO 9001 certified.

Digitalization of Audio Data is our specialty. With the support of our Speech Management Software (SMS) we provide high quality voice data with extraordinary acoustic charasteristics, ideal for challenging locations like airports and trainstations. We are specialized on voice data transmision over IP.

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Alarm and Evacuation
Whenever large and komplex with the requirement of a alram and evacuations system come into play, we are feeling confortable. Regardless if we are talking about existing or new buildings, we provide the perfect solution since the system is based on existing infrastructure.

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Audio Recording
High degree of flexibility thanks to an own recording studio. The combination of our own recording studio and our audion engineers allows the realization of highly complex and customized voice data recordings. Starting with voice data for simple telefone systems up to automatic gate announcements and voice response systems. We work exclusively with professional speaker and provide voice data in 18 different languages.

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Conference Systems
Conference systems are challenging. Video- , audio- conferences and media systems have to be integrated into conference systems, in order to ensure an easy and secure operation. We would be more than happy to show you all the possibilities

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Media Technology
Integration of "State of the Art" hardware with our customized software solutions.

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