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Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

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65931 Frankfurt

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ISO 9001 Certificates

Certified integrator (EN54-16)

About Sittig

About us

Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1987. We have continuously developed our knowledge and expertise starting with the programming of CNC precision Machines up to today’s IP based Automatic Passenger Announcement Systems. Since then our customer base has increased accordingly. We are proud to have internationally known companies among them.

Sittig has currently PA Installations at the airports: Frankfurt, Munich, Jeddah, Stuttgart, Zurich

Our key competence is the planning, development and implementation of hard- and software solutions for digital voice and data communication with the focus on acoustic, data security and conference systems.

A high degree of flexibility and customer orientation has been our key competency ever since. This has resulted in a continuous improvement of our products and services. Innovation is our driver!

Our strength is the high level of flexibility and short turnaround time for the realization of individual customer requirements. We start where standard solutions have reached their limits. We provide the customer consultation and develop individual solutions. With our competency and experience we support the customer to realize the most efficient solutions. At Sittig Industrie-Elektronik voice and data communication is our passion. For our employees providing solutions for our customers is a commitment they enjoy. High quality sound is a pleasure to our ears.

Our highly motivated team supports you and provides our customers with the adequate voice and data communication solution based on their needs and the business sector they are operating in. Soft- and hardware solutions which improves your life, is reliable and easy to operate.

Our Philosophy: We make your information audible – Our Passion, Your Success!

Quality Guidelines

Our quality guidelines are aligned with the principles of our company and the customer focus. They support the overall goals. At the same time they include external quality standards, which build the basis for a trustful cooperation with our customers.

The following principles document the core of our quality guidelines:

„Our thinking and acting is based on the desires and expectations of our customers”

Customer orientation is dictating our everyday work in all areas of the company. It is our main task to reach the highest customer satisfaction possible. High quality standards in combination with quick response times and reasonable pricing will support this goal.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. It helps us to continuously improve our services and products.

„Quality through continuous improvements”

Our customers and employees build the center of our work. We are continuously working on the improvement of products and solutions. Innovative ideas and permanent commitment help us finding new ways and answers for the challenges of our customers.

Key success drivers

The goal is to achieve a high quality standard through continuous improvement. The quality system shall enable us to secure a high quality level.

Key success drivers within our quality system are as follows:

  • High customer orientation and employee satisfaction
  • Effective organizational structure
  • Industry sector specific solutions
  • Effective Internet presence
  • High quality sales support
  • Controlled growth