Sittig Industrie-
Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

Goldgewann 4
65931 Frankfurt

Tel.: +49 (69) 37 00 02-0



ISO 9001 Certificates

Certified integrator (EN54-16)

The Sittig Team

„The Sittig Team” consists of 26 highly motivated employees. The mayority of them holds an engineering degree.

„Employee satisfaction through identifcation with the company”

Our employees are highly motivated and identify themselves with the company. That leads to low fluctuation. We are family business and we live it every day.

The goal is to show our employees, that we care about their needs and issues. Employee meetings on a regular basis help us to align the expectations.

The expectations we set are high. In exchange we allow high flexibility and freedom of development. The working atmosphere is familiar but at the same time professional.

„Increasing the Innovation Rate”

One of our major goals is the achievement of a measurable increase of the innovation rate for our products and services as percentage of sales. In order to achieve that, we are consequently focusing on the market requirements. The majority of our products are the result of customized products and services.

Customer specific solutions are the result of this approach.