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ISO 9001 Certificates

Certified integrator (EN54-16)

Audio Recording

High degree of flexibility thanks to an own recording studio.

The combination of our own recording studio and our audion engineers allows the realization of highly complex and customized voice data recordings. Starting with voice data for simple telefone systems up to automatic gate announcements and voice response systems.

We work exclusively with professional speaker and provide voice data in 18 different languages.

Depending on the customer, we are either working with provided information and translations or we are offering to create the scipt and trasnlate it in up to 18 different languages. We are working together with professional broadcasting speaker. Usually they are native speaker.


The recording is usually taking place in our own recording studio. In case of exaptions (small data volume, distance etc.) we are working togehter with local recording studios.

The final decision about which speaker will be chosen for certain projects lies with the customer. we provide audio samples in order to allow a qualified decision.

Specialized audio engineers edit the recorded data in order to work with our Speech Management Software (SMS). They make also sure, that the diffrences in grammar are being processed properly by the software.

Please contact us for morer details or samples.